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[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”We’re at your service” text=”In London ancient buildings live cheek-by-jowl with the ultimate in modern architecture. It’s what makes out work so interesting – one day we’re repairing a fifteen year old boiler attached to a system so eccentric and complex we’ve never seen anything like it, the next day we’re working on a wholly contemporary plumbing system. As you can imagine, working in the capital means no two days are alike. If we didn’t enjoy  our work so much, it’d drive us nuts!

Luckily we love what we do, and if we say so ourselves we’re very good at it. We tackle the most tricky plumbing challenges with good cheer and professionalism, and years of experience mean even the most eccentric plumbing systems don’t pose a problem. We genuinely get a kick out of identifying faults, finding the right spare parts and making a system that’s limping along or actually broken work like new. That’s why we’re such a popular choice with people in Dulwich.

General plumbing services and maintenance contracts

Our friendly team of professional plumbers are properly qualified to deal with all your plumbing heating needs, no matter how tricky. Just fill in our online quote form, below, for a free estimate, or give us a call to talk things over in person.

You’ll find our people friendly and efficient, clean and respectful. We’ll do a great job for you, leave everything as tidy as we found it, and send you a proper invoice once we’ve completed the task to your satisfaction. No cowboys, no mess, no delays.

We do maintenance contracts too, for home-owners, landlords and commercial organisations. If you’d like to discuss a good value maintenance contract, we’ll be delighted to explore the options with you.

Boiler Installs in Dulwich

As accredited suppliers and installers of a broad range of popular heating, hot water and combi boiler brands, we know exactly which solution to recommend for your unique circumstances, the most suitable and affordable boiler for the job. As well as removing your old boiler for you, we’ll recommend you the best machine at the best price, and fit it right first time.

Boiler Repairs in Dulwich

There’s nothing worse than a boiler breaking down, leaving you without hot water or heating. Luckily our team of talented certified engineers are on call to get things fixed for you in the shortest possible timescale, and to the best possible quality, with great service to match. You can trust us to do a great job of boiler repairs, whatever type or brand of boiler you happen to have.

Ask us for a fast, free estimate

Click the link below for a fast, free email quote, or call us to talk about your plumbing problems in person. We’re on 07951  271810.

Emergency? We’ll call you back within five minutes

If you have an emergency, click the right hand box below, complete the simple form and we’ll call you right back – within five short minutes.”] [/efaccordion]