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[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Respected, recommended Surrey Keys plumbers SE16″ text=”Because we’re trustworthy, experienced professional experts, our customers recommend us to their friends and family. Look no further for great plumbers in Surrey Keys.

You want a reliable plumbing firm in your area? No problem – our team of professionals are friendly and approachable, brilliant at what they do and dedicated to doing a great job for people like you. It’s a point of pride.

Maybe you need a new gas boiler installed. Perhaps your old gas boiler has finally died, leaving you without hot water or heating. Your current boiler – or one in a property you rent out – might be on its last legs, and a new one may be the only safe solution. Most of the time ordinary people don’t have a clue what’s gone wrong and why, which is where our excellent fault-identification skills come into play.

Whatever your plumbing problem, you want a properly qualified gas expert who knows about the latest  health and safety regulations, understands exactly how gas plumbing works – whether it’s an ancient system or a brand new one – and is capable of fixing things fast without a fuss, for a fair price. You’ve found exactly that. Welcome to our world!

Boiler installs in Surrey Keys

Because we’re accredited suppliers and installers for a wide range of the best heating, hot water and combi boiler brands, we know which is best for each circumstance. We’ll make sure you get the most appropriate boiler for the job, at a fair price, fitted to perfection by properly qualified Gas Safe experts who leave everything clean and tidy when the job’s completed.  All with not so much as a sniff of a cowboy – we provide real peace of mind.

Boiler repairs in Surrey Keys

The first stop is finding out what’s gone wrong, something we genuinely get a kick out of. Did you know we can do the fault-finding part of the job digitally? All you do is upload photos of your problem boiler and we’ll provide a digital diagnosis and an online quote. Because it means we don’t have to make a home visit, doing things digitally saves you time and money. Once we know what’s what we’ll get busy fixing it quickly and efficiently, so you’re back on track in no time.

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