London commercial plumbing services – What we’ll do for you

Commercial and domestic plumbing are very different animals. While we do both, our focus is on commercial plumbing for businesses, factories, offices, housing estates, shopping centres, councils and so on. So what does the commercial side of plumbing involve, and how can we help you? Here’s what you need to know.

Commercial plumbing services in London – Your guide

Commercial plumbing is about much more than the leaky taps, burst pipes and domestic boiler repairs we tend to see in people’s homes. Commercial plumbers like us get involved in installing and maintaining large and complicated waste removal, heating and water supply systems for different types of business, everything from manufacturing to museums, public areas to private spaces. It covers drinking fountains, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, sprinkler systems, water pipes and sewerage systems, leaking drains and burst pipes.

‘The polluter pays’ principle – Special expertise and experience required

Plumbing projects for businesses are usually more work-intensive as well as requiring more knowledge, training, expertise and experience. It’s vital to get the right people in for the job, since plumbing issues can end up costing a business an absolute fortune. If, for example, you have a leak in your sewerage or water system and you manage to cause pollution, the UK’s strict ‘polluter pays’ regulations means you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket. As the London School of Economics website says:

‘The ‘polluter pays’ principle is the commonly accepted practice that those who produce pollution should bear the costs of managing it to prevent damage to human health or the environment.’

This means, in a commercial plumbing context, that maintenance is just as important as installation and repairs. It’s sensible to make sure the equipment and infrastructure you’re responsible for works properly and is in good nick, rather than wait until something goes wrong.

How about insurance? While you can buy environmental liability insurance, having to make an insurance claim is less than ideal and can take a very long time to resolve, assuming your policy even pays out. When the damage is wilful or could have been prevented, insurance doesn’t always fill the gap. In fact it usually only provides cover for loss or damages resulting from ‘unexpected’ releases of pollutants excluded from general liability and property insurance. As the insurer Chubb says:

‘Environmental losses can severely disrupt a business leading to potentially devastating financial, operational and reputational damage.’

Take just one commercial client’s premises…

Say you manage a shopping centre containing twenty shops. It probably has men’s and women’s loos, sinks and maybe baby changing facilities. A shopping centre probably also features several kitchens, say in fast food outlets or cafes. Installing, repairing, and maintaining all this plumbing is pretty challenging, requiring a variety of types of expertise, tools, processes and procedures. The sewerage and waste water systems running underneath all this also have to work perfectly year in, year out.

As your commercial plumbing contractor it’s our job to ensure your place has a fully functional, safe water supply and waste drainage system. It might mean excavating trenches and laying new pipelines to link everything up, clearing blockages, finding and fixing leaks or other damage, things like tree roots that have found their way into your pipelines. To avoid legal trouble and keep the people who work for you safe and happy, your water supply has to remain perfectly clean, with no contamination.

Large interior plumbing setups are also a complex matter deserving special attention. That could mean bathroom sinks and toilets, kitchen sinks, even your fire sprinkler system. If you run an hotel or are constructing a new housing estate our work could even involve installing commercial water heaters and boilers. And last but not least, people like us ensure every relevant health and safety regulation is properly taken into account at every stage.

We’ll act as your go-to commercial plumbing service in London

If you need commercial plumbing services from a London plumbing firm you can trust, let’s talk. If you like what we have to say, we’d love to become your one-stop-shop commercial plumbing provider, the people who’ll be there whenever you need us.